East Wing Renovation Plan

The East Wing doesn’t need much to make it a viable area for multiple uses. The East Wing Task Force will consider any suggestions that will make the space inviting to members and non-members who are looking for a gathering spot for meetings and other uses.

(Image: D.R. Palmer)

Steps have already been taken to determine best use of the space as is, including a designated nursery.

Mary Schipper, chair of the task force said, “… as a church anticipating families will join us or be here for activities like memorial services or funerals or other events, we want to make sure they feel welcome.” The left rear room (see drawing) has been set aside for this purpose.

The front third of the room would serve as a lounge, with the middle area serving as a meeting space with tables and chairs. At the rear right a coffee/tea space with the refrigerator and two small cafe tables and chairs (8) would be set up.

The task force has some funding, $1,500, from a Mustard Seed grant. Donations of new or gently used items will be needed to furnish and equip the East Wing for use. Projected date of availability of the space is after Labor Day.

Needs List:

2 or 3 wooden TV trays
2 or 3 8’ x 12’ area rugs for use in lounge area, nursery, tea/coffee area. Durability important
Rocking Chair for nursery
Crib or porta-crib for nursery
Sturdy, washable toys
Upholstered chairs for lounge area (2 or 3)
2 Small café tables for beverage area
8 suitable café-type chairs
Microwave for beverage area
Coffee and tea equipment

Mary Schipper, Chair
East Wing Task Force