In March, 2021, the FUPC Congregation met in small break out groups and made suggestions to the Clergy/Congregational Renewal Task Force on what this renewal should be about. From those groups came the theme of Tracking the Word: Embodying the Spirit, a title that speaks to our desire to follow Christ’s tracks and to embody the Spirit not only in our work, but in the deepest part of our beings. We never know where those tracks might lead, but we can commit to follow them faithfully. Likewise, we never know what we might learn by opening ourselves to the Spirit, but we know it will provide more than enough for us, and certainly more than if we don’t practice openness.
–Rev. Katie Palmer

All meals, events and activities are free. Because of limited seating for some activities (catered lunch, woodworking), please register in advance by calling
505 425-7763 or emailing

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Thanks to a generous grant from the National Clergy Renewal Program funded by Lilly Endowment Inc., we are able to offer this Season of Exploration at no cost to participants. The season includes five professional coaches offering Saturday in-depth workshops and Sunday worship. Attend both for the full experience. Topics include tracking animals, dance, music, drama and storytelling.

Try Something New Workshops

Three Saturdays offer concurrent workshops from local experts on creative and spiritual activities: journaling, music, drama, poetry, American sign language, meditation, woodworking, crafts, mandalas, and zentangle. Click on this link for more information about presenters and workshops.

Professional Coaches – Tracking the Word, Embodying the Spirit

Sat., July 8 Workshop, 1 p.m., Negro Spirituals: Songs of Freedom and Songs of Justice
Sun., July 9, 10:30 a.m., Potluck lunch will follow worship, all are welcome.

M. Roger Holland II is a Teaching Assistant Professor in Music and Religion and Director of The Spirituals Project at the Lamont School of Music, University of Denver. A graduate of Union Theological Seminary in New York City where he received the Master of Divinity degree, Roger also served as Artist-in-Residence and director of the Union Gospel Choir for over 13 years. In 2015 Union awarded him the Trailblazers Distinguished Alumni Award, the first given to a graduate whose ministry is music, for his contributions to the legacy of African American music. He received a Master’s Degree in Piano Performance from the Manhattan School of Music, also in New York, and completed his undergraduate work at Westminster Choir College in Princeton, New Jersey where he majored in Music Education with a concentration in piano and voice.

Workshop: Join Roger Holland as he explores how the music and the history of Negro Spirituals served to sustain and inspire an enslaved community, and later become the bedrock of the Civil Rights Movement. Through a sociohistorical lens, not only will participants become acquainted with the history of slavery in America but will discover how Black Americans persevered and overcame oppression. Later we will discover how this historical music became the essence of the freedom songs that fueled a social justice movement and transformed a nation. 

Saturday, July 29 Workshop, 1 p.m. – Drama as a Sacred Tool for God’s Word
Sunday, July 30 WorshipFor Such a Time as This – Potluck following worship, all are welcome.

Rev. Linda C. Loving has a BA in Theatre – University of Michigan, and Master of Divinity – McCormick Theological Seminary. In addition to serving many parishes around the country, she has also performed for more than 33 years “JULIAN” – a one woman drama by J. Janda, which she has filmed in Julian’s cell in England. Linda has performed in professional theatre companies in the Midwest and Santa Fe and owns a business: She will conduct a Saturday workshop that will deepen your understanding of biblical passages and breathe life and Spirit into your readings of God’s word and will preach on the topic For Such a Time at This on Sunday.

Workshop: Deepen your understanding of biblical passages and breathe life and Spirit into your readings of God’s word, whether in personal devotions or community worship. Disciples and actors share a similar desire to embody truth and offer transformation to others. Learn simple disciplines from a trained actor/preacher and delight in your own gifts – we all play “leading roles” in God’s continually unfolding drama of Life and Love. Individual and choral readings as well as Reader’s Theatre will all be explored. Some may choose to simply observe; all will find new ways to receive and love God’s word.

Saturday, Aug. 12 Workshop – 1 p.m., The Power of Personal Storytelling
Sunday, Aug. 13 WorshipAre we there yet? – Potluck following worship, all are welcome.

Rev. Seth Finch has been a pastoral leader at Covenant Presbyterian Church in Albuquerque since 2008. He received his Master’s of Divinity from McCormick Seminary and a Master’s of Interfaith Action from Claremont Lincoln University. In 2018 Seth did his sabbatical focused on storytelling, and his travels took him to New York to learn storytelling at “The Moth” mainstage; to Scotland where he participated in events at the Scottish Storytelling Center, and did some research into his family story; to Northern Ireland to work with Padraig O’Tuama and Corymeela on how storytelling can help us work for peace; and across the Southwest to look at the story of our culture. Seth will lead a workshop on Saturday at 1 p.m. and preach on Sunday.

Workshop: One of the things that most deeply binds us together as people and as communities is our shared stories. Stories guide our lives, who we think we are, who we think we relate to, how we live as people of faith. Learning to share our story and receiving the stories of others is a skill that helps us to build beloved Christian community. In this seminar Seth Finch will talk about what makes for a good story, how we tell our story, and reflect a little on what our shared stories look like.

Click here to download brochure with complete schedule