Sharon Vander Meer Lenten devotional for March 4, 2022

Be doers of the word and not merely hearers.— James 1:22

James – more than anyone – reminds us that faith without works is empty. We aren’t required to pay our way into God’s good graces, and no amount of work we do will make it any different. That doesn’t mean faith isn’t itself an action word. By faith the Israelites traveled seeking the promised land. By faith Daniel stepped into the lion’s den. By faith Joseph served foreign rulers. By faith Mary said, “Okay, God,” and bore the Christ child. There are countless examples of faith and work tied by bonds of love and hope. Be a doer and see how God gets things done.

Lord, talk is cheap. Help me make the most of the gifts you’ve given me, to your glory and the good of other. Amen