Seeking Transitional Pastor – Starting June 2024

Full Job Description:

Transitional Pastor

First United Presbyterian Church of Las Vegas, New Mexico
Full-Time Desired (Part-Time will be considered)

The Transitional Pastor will work with the congregation to prepare the church for new pastoral leadership and a new future. Primary responsibilities include leading the congregation in spiritual growth and promoting the work of the church through worship, community engagement, pastoral care, and administrative oversight. Transitional pastor will work closely with the Session in the discernment of vision and long-range planning for calling a permanent pastor.

Essential Duties
 Work with the Session and other leaders to discern God’s will for FUPC’s future, setting goals and
creating plans to meet those goals over the short-term and the long-term.
 Encourage engagement in spiritual growth; help congregants explore a variety of approaches for
 Prepare and deliver sermons; design worship services; institute communion; work with the Worship &
Music Committee and the accompanist to ensure integrated worship services.
 Provide pastoral care to members of the congregation, friends of the congregation, and community
members who seek such care, requesting assistance from the Deacons as needed.
 Moderate Session meetings, the primary decision-making body in a Presbyterian congregation.
 Provide administrative oversight of church office including supervising a part-time Office Manager,
 Participate in committees led by lay leadership, primarily the Worship and Music, Time Talent and
Treasure, and Deacon meetings; attend Presbytery meeting per church bylaws.
 Engage with congregants in the life of the church including Sunday fellowship, pastoral visits, social
events, occasionally leading Adult Education classes, etc.
 Work with pastors from other denominations and faiths to help meet the spiritual and basic needs of
the community.
 Other duties may be assigned by the Session

Core Competencies, Knowledge, and Skills
This position requires a minimum of a Master of Divinity degree from an accredited seminary. In addition, the following competencies are required:
 Ability to lead in discerning a vision and developing a plan for our church’s future.
 Compassion
 Skill in preaching and worship leadership
 Aptitude for counseling and pastoral care
 Excellent communication and interpersonal Skills
 Knowledge and skill to efficiently moderate Session meetings
 Ability to work with strong lay leadership
 Supervisory ability
 Respect for the culture and history of the congregation while assisting the congregation in looking to the future
 Spiritual maturity sufficient to support the spiritual growth of others

 $45,000 – $48,000 plus benefits (full-time). Part-time will be considered and is negotiable

 The Transitional Pastor is supervised by the Session which serves as the Personnel Committee

Working Hours – Full-time (part-time will be considered and essential duties adjusted as negotiated)
 The range of time may vary by individual with respect to abilities, strengths, experience, and the
unforeseen nature of pastoral care needs.
 The Transitional Pastor, if full-time, will receive two days off per week, which can be any days except
Sunday. If days off deviate from an established pattern, the Office Manager should be made aware of
the Pastor’s change in availability. Saturday work may be required for occasional events such as church
social gatherings, weddings and funerals.
 Work hours and location are flexible requiring only that the Office Manager be able to reach the Pastor
by phone during the Pastor’s work hours. Standing office hours that overlap with at least some of the
Office Manager’s hours each week will be established by the Transitional Pastor.

Minimum Qualifications
 Graduate of a nationally recognized seminary or divinity school or Commissioned Lay Pastor with at least three years’ experience leading a congregation.

Preferred Qualifications
 Experience as a called pastor or formal training in transitional ministry.