Reverse Advent Calendar

A Reverse Advent Calendar is an opportunity to set something aside each day during Advent that will be gifted to clients of the Samaritan House.  The idea is to choose an Advent box in which to put the items listed in the calendar, below—one each day.  You may want to wrap your box in Christmas paper and put it under your Christmas tree or in another spot in your home.  It can be meaningful to make a ritual of putting the item in the box each day, remembering that it will be used to help make someone else’s life better.  As you place the item in the box, you might say a prayer for the person who will receive the gifts you are giving.

You may want to keep in mind that most, though not all, of the Samaritan House clients are men.

Once you have put the last item in the box, including your personal note, please deliver the box to Samaritan House at 501 7th Street.  If you are unable to deliver it, contact D.R. Palmer (303-775-7259), who will arrange to deliver it for you.  Reverse Advent Calendar boxes must be delivered during Samaritan House office hours (9 a.m. – 3 p.m. December 20, 21, or 22).  Note that the Samaritan House office is closed on Mondays and will be closed the Friday before Christmas.  Thank you!
27 – pair of warm socks
28 – toothbrush
29 – toothpaste
30 – dental floss
1 – body/hand wipes
2 – gum
3 – lip balm (e.g., Chapstick)
4 – package of trail mix or nuts
5 – shampoo
6 – conditioner
7 – comb/brush
8 – wash cloth and hand towel
9 – nail clippers
10 – body wash or bar of soap
11 – deck of cards
12 – hand sanitizer
13 – deodorant
14 – lotion
15 – package of mints
16 – hand warmers
17 – pen and small spiral notebook
18 – candy treat
19 – Special gift:  for example, gloves, a scarf, a hat, a game, a blanket, a water bottle, or a book
20 – a personal note of encouragement