Did You Know #15

DID YOU KNOW, in 1974, the church started a newsletter. Seven groups on mission trips helped a group of dedicated members (including Caroline Rackley’s father, John) in making major repairs and improvements to our already old buildings. What was required of all these people? The rotted-out nursery floor had to be replaced. A metal roof had to be put on the Sanctuary of the church building and nursery. A new roof was constructed over the constantly leaking west Sunday school room. Tunneling under the old mission church building to enable future installation of restroom and shower facilities. Painting inside and out of the Douglas Avenue church, with 46 gallons of donated paint. Badly needed repairs on the Sixth Street manse. Yardwork at the Old Town Mission, Douglas Avenue building and manse. Remodeling the kitchen with new cupboards, wiring, and countertops. Roy Carlson (Robin’s father) revamped the furnace so it could be enclosed.