Cordell Halverson, Elder

Cordell Halverson

Q. Please talk about your education and career path.
A. For my undergraduate education I attended Jamestown College, a small Presbyterian affiliated liberal arts school in North Dakota. There were only about 400 students at the time. I did not make the decision for medical school until my senior year thus needed an extra year of college to meet the requirements. University of Montana came next. On to University of North Dakota for the first two years of medical school. UND felt the population was not great enough for adequate training of the clinical years and made transfer arrangements with other medical schools. South to South Western Medical School in Dallas and after internship and a couple years of general practice we moved to Toledo when I did my OY/GYN residency.

Q. Where did you grow up?
A. I grew up on a farm in northeastern North Dakota and lived with my dad, mother and sister. My mother died when I was in college. A few years later my dad remarried and the family grew to include a stepbrother and a half brother.

Q. Tell us about your family.
A. I met my wife at Jamestown College. We married in 1961 and moved to Havre, Montana where we both taught school for two years. For three summers we had the opportunity to work at Flathead Lake Lutheran Bible Camp west of Glacier. The adventure of moves continued to in-clude about 16 different homes, some just for the summer. Three children, Jennifer, Leasa, Phillip, 11 grandchildren and 12 soon to be 13 great grandchildren have richly blessed our lives. We are so grateful for our love and closeness despite the miles in between.

Q. What are you passionate about and how is that reflected in your life? 
A. Caring for God’s people. My wife and I met volunteering at a Crippled Children’s School while in college. While in medical practice I did my utmost to offer good care for my patients and their families. Serving others just seems to be part of my DNA.

Q. If you had a motto, what would it be?
A. Everything is relative.

Q. Share your church activities and involvement.
A. We have been members of a church at every stop along our way. After medical training I quite regularly served as an officer on church council, committees, and took part in church outreach activities. Hear at FUPC I am an Elder, Chair of the Building and Grounds Committee, and keep tuned to many of the outreach opportunities.

Q. Add anything you would like folks to know about you. 
A. Here I am Lord.