Sunday Schedule

• 8:30 am

   Jumpstart Breakfast

• 9:30 am 

   Bible Study

  10:00 a.m.

  Youth Sunday School

•10:30 am Worship

  Fellowship Hour

  following worship


Grace and peace be to you from our Lord Jesus Christ - and welcome. I hope that by browsing this website you see, read and realize that the people of FUPC aren’t a uniform bunch of stuffed shirts. With a variegated membership of around a hundred, plus plenty of friends of all kinds, most of us are energetically involved in a lot of servant activities in church and community. We also do things a little differently around here. We seek to discern and follow the untamed Spirit of God. Plus, we’re located in the heart of what was once known as the Wild West. This, after all, is where the Santa Fe Trail crosses the Rio Gallinas and the Great Plains meet the Rocky Mountains.

Rev. James R. Campbell
Rev. James R. Campbell
Here are some examples of what I mean when I say we do things a little differently:
  • Our worship, though it follows the historic pattern of preparation for, expression of and response to the Word of God, is blessed by lay liturgical leadership, outstanding bell and vocal choirs, silent film and piano bar pianists who also play the organ, quiet time for prayer and usually a joyful and extended time of passing of the Peace of Christ following the assurance of pardon. Native American type drums echo at times.   Sermon quality varies according to the moods of the pastor, the quality of Sunday morning coffee, etc. ;
  • Most of our committee and task force meetings are at 7:00 a.m. at a local restaurant, where green chili breakfast burritos are common fare;
  • Our dedication to mission is reflected in nearly yearly youth-centered “faith to faith” mission trips. Local, national and international mission giving is ‘way beyond a 10% tithe of our yearly budget. After all, we realize the original Presbyterian community here was begun by a missionary about 140 years ago.
  • Our building is used by community groups, including New Mexico Highlands University LIFT Campus Ministry, Children's Theater, NA, AA, a Kempo Class, the local Jewish Community and a community child-care program named New Horizons. It’s been in existence thirty-four years;
  • The Mission Church has undergone extensive restoration/renovation and is now  available for community groups and events.
  • We partner with other churches and organizations in town for worship and ministry, including the First United Methodist Church, St. Paul’s Peace Church and The United World College USA, among others;
  • Our Sunday School program for children begins before worship and continues during it but usually allows the children to join with us in our twice-monthly communion services; Christian Education for adults and older youth provides a Bible Study class and a Serendipity Class which provides wide-ranging studies of books on current and ancient topics.


These examples are but a taste of the amazing life and liveliness of this congregation.   Whoever you are, wherever you’ve been, you’re welcome here. With the Lord as our Center, we have no need of fences to keep anyone in or out.   With horses, I hear, it’s a different story.