Mission and Peace Making

Our church provides many opportunities to respond to God's call to mission and peacemaking guided by Scripture, the consistent pronouncements of our denomination's General Assembly, and awareness of the urgent challenges to mission and peace in our time. Some of our current responses involve:
  • Border Ministry includes mission trips to Juarez, Mexico for medical clinic, construction and education.
  • Presbyterian Political Advocacy through Washington Reports, periodic education forums, New Mexico Legislative issues, newsletter reports and church letter-writing campaigns.
  • Historic Presbyterian Church at the corner of Socorro and Chavez in Old Town, Las Vegas, an almost complete renovation and restoration project. Once completed, it will be used as a community center for the arts, education, and social issues. See Church History
  • Matthew's Market, Alternative Christmas Giving, Fair Exchange Coffee Project each provide ways to help those around the world who struggle for survival
  • Crop Walk provides money for worthy projects
  • Mustard Seed Program provides outreach incentive grants to stimulate new programs or groups meeting specific worthwhile community goals ( several thousand dollars per year divided among a dozen or so projects)